Reveal Time: Creating my Space to Create - Part 2!!

Let's just start off by saying that taking on the task of creating an in-home dance studio is no small feat.Having a specific vision and also having a specific #Budget to adhere to made for some frustrating moments in this journey. I mean, I do fully understand that not everyone has the means to even do half of what I did in this past month. So grateful I certainly am! But damn Gina!!! Getting this space to where it now is was a bitch and a half. And being the #Goddess that I am, there were of course certain aspects I desired and was not going to budge on.

The vision I had going in was to have an oasis of sorts. A place where I could go to start off my day, feel at ease, give me a sense of comfort, be at one with myself. Knowing that it was going to be where I can stretch not only my body but also stretch my bounds and abilities within my Art. A space in which I can find peace within myself to speak into the world what I need and want, and to speak with my ancestors and other deities. Esthetically speaking this space is to embody what I make available to offer to the world.

The total space I was working with was a 12 X 11 room roughly.

11ft 3.5in wide wall, with 8ft height floor to ceiling. (this is what I wanted mirrored)

Alright. So I mentioned above that I started this project with a BUDGET. Yes, that dreaded word that always has to be a factor in what many of do or even chose to do.

The amount I had allotted for it was $1,000. It may sound like a lot and some of you may be rolling your eyes by this point. And very well may choose to close this and go on about your day. And to you that are....TaTa! It Tis what it Tis!!

But for those others that understand it and may being looking to make similar moves, this is for you boo. Now back to it.

A grand really is not much to work with when you have visions like I do and know the potential of a space. Nor does it go very far when you start to look into how much a single mirror panel can cost. Not even when you are trying to have it done without hiring outside labor. This shit IS EXPENSIVE YO!

Here's how I Did it.

After spending days upon days searching the googles and pinterest to gather ideas on how others went about creating in-home studios and gyms, my search tabs were full as fuck.

It seemed as if I was never going to be able to pull this off and that the compromises I was going to have to make were soiling my vision. That wasn't happening y'all. When I say I want something a certain way, I'll be damned it's gonna be that way. Or else!


I knew for certain staring out that the floor I already have in the room was not going to be the best for dance. Yes