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Creating my Space to Create! Part 1

We had been looking for houses here in Denver for months and finally found one that fit. Once we found it and put in the offer things took off from there. And when I say it was a FAST process, whew 60 days we signed, packed and moved! When we moved into our house in July of last year, it was amidst a whirl wind of me being on a mini-tour and us having 2 houses and 2 dogs to move across multiple state lines. I think I was in the Kootenay's when Dale was heading here with both anxious dogs and a trailer in tow with me to follow a few days later via plane. Once on the ground I was here to receive the shipping crates and guide movers on placement of boxes before hopping back on the road. Only to go and injure myself (a whole other story and post of reflection to come eventually) to the point of needing surgery. So here we are, 6+ months into residency, my recovery is almost complete and I'm now ready to make this house a Home.

It has taken me about a month, in total, to get to this point in the process. As of this past week (2/6/20) I am about 90% done with my office/sewing/dressing room. And this coming weekend will get a start on the room that will be my in home studio.

Office/Sewing/Dressing Room:

This space is where I will likely spend the bulk of my days. So I wanted to make sure it was comfortable and reflective of who I am professionally and personally. In all honesty those two things mesh together so well that it makes it easy for me to design around.

Findings along the way:

It's funny how you find so many treasures when you are going through boxes that contain your life. Amongst baby pictures and knick knacks and memories I found some research and a final paper from my undergrad days. Gender & Sexuality and the nuances that come with these terms has always (and will continue) been an active part of my understanding the world around me. Behavioral and Societal Studies is kinda my thing! Believe you me when I say it's something that has benefited me, and others around me, immensely on this journey of self discovery and Burlesque. All more of which I plan to slowly unpack over a few blogs or so to come.

Next up is THE STUDIO! This is where I'm about to hit a proverbial wall of getting what I want versus getting what I can afford! Tis an endless quandary in my life. #EtherealWorldProblems #DIY #ThePolyGlamorousGoddessOfBurlesque


Take a gander!

The last 4 images below are the completed, minus a few minor items to hang, space. Welcome into my world!!

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